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Game 7 Nuff' Said

Heyo! It's me again and since my last entry i've been reading mainly two books: Slaughterhouse-Five , which is going great, and a new book called Game Seven, written by Paul Volponi. I found Game Seven in my school library during an event which showed off all the new books they just got. I recently finished Game Seven actually and it's a very interesting story.  While the story isn't long(it's only 256 pages) it feels you've been reading it for days. It centers around a cuban baseball named Julio Ramirez Jr. who lives in the shadow of his father. While his dad is a superstar pitcher and a living legend in Cuba he does the unthinkable and defects to the United States to play baseball in the majors. This creates stress and pressure around Julio to be great and also to be loyal to his country. The rest of the story follows after they win a playoff game in a Cuban baseball tournament. This story to me shows how loyalty to family can make you do some crazy things no…

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